Continuous Improvement - Lean Consultants

Several members of our team started out as colleagues in a large Hartford-based corporation, where we worked together on the sixth floor of the facility. Over time, we developed a reputation for being able to solve problems through process analysis and insightful use of technology. Our co-workers began to comment, “When you need a problem solved, you go to the sixth floor.”

The Sixth Floor Consulting Group understands that jargon, acronyms, and packaged “solutions” are not what really solve problems. Knowledgeable, experienced people are what make the difference. We will help you manage inventory, increase sales, reduce expenses, improve customer service, and implement change, and we’ll do it with hard work and dedication to your individual goals. Our fully integrated approach will help you create a business that operates at peak performance, day after day.

The goal of Sixth Floor Consulting Group is to create best-in-class processes, allowing each of our clients to take their businesses to a higher level of quality, profitability, and Lean operation.

The professional team of the Sixth Floor Consulting Group can help your business with problem resolution.