PB & J

PB & J

The PB & J sandwich has always been an iconic favorite of kids growing up and an easy snack for anyone in need of a quick boost of energy. But this article isn’t focused on the simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich. There’s another PB & J that can bring much more fulfillment to your life: Passion, Beauty, and Joy.

Like the sandwich, these three ingredients are simple, but when put together, they form an unstoppable combination.

Everyone has their great passions in life, and these passions form the drive behind our actions. When you’re doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. For some it might be teaching, for others it could be making things, but whatever it is the constant theme -- particularly among those who go into business -- is that you want to do what you love.

Sadly, going into business can also mean you’ll be confronted with the obstacles outside of your passion. Keeping accurate records, dealing with laws and regulations, ensuring invoicing gets done — there are always aspects of the job that seem like actual work. Obsta­cles can sometimes prove to be such a burden that they often prevent people from pursuing work they love.

The solution to such obstacles can be simple enough. Putting effort towards lean and efficient practices, and continuing to learn about the available tools can help to minimize the amount of time spent on “painful” areas of your business and let you focus on the passion, beauty, and joy of your work.

Tools like QuickBooks, Excel, or MS Word have functionalities that can help make some of the unpleasant aspects of busi­ness quicker and less painful, especially if you take the time to learn all of the capabilities of each. Knowing keyboard short­cuts and understanding multiple ways to accomplish common tasks and scenarios can help to not only analyze data quicker, but also take you ahead of the curve.

This raises the question, “How can I become lean and efficient in these areas?” There’s always the option of learning by doing on your own. However, this is time consuming, and if questions arise, it’s up to you to do the research necessary to circumvent the issue. The other option is to attend classes, with an instructor and course material tai­lored to your needs. The wheel doesn’t have to be reinvented. An experienced pro­fessional is able to provide guidance and show you many helpful tips and tricks within these programs. An instructor also can show you little known or new aspects of programs that you may never be have been able to find on your own. This kind of know-how can add up to give you the edge you’ll need to maximize your effectiveness -- allowing you to be free of the mundane tasks you dreaded sooner, so you can move on to experience the passion, beauty, and joy of your profession.

Sixth Floor Consulting Group understands the time and effort that goes into staying ahead of the learning curve. It can make or break a business! We have trained professionals who are proficient in both current and older versions of the Microsoft Office package.

We offer Excel courses to help employ­ees and individuals hone their skills and become master slicers and compilers of data. Knowing how your business is doing quickly, efficiently, and properly can help you to build a strong foundation and allow you more time to work with clients or get your product to market. We offer courses that cater to Excel veterans, as well as people just starting to use this powerful number crunching application.

Sixth Floor can help you develop a plan of coursework that will let you better focus on your passion, see the beauty and experi­ence the joy of your chosen profession.




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