Willington Nameplate PRIME Program Case Study

Prime Energy Program Success Story

Willington Nameplate, a family business with the entrepreneurial roots of its founder, Marcel Goepfert, celebrates 50 years in business in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. The company formally began their Continuous improvement/lean journey with The PRIME Program (Process Reengineering for Increased Manufacturing Efficiency) in 2007.

The program was implemented to help make manufacturing operations more productive. Classroom education and training on the concepts and tools of process improvement was provided, immediately followed by hands-on applications. Process improvement (kaizen) events have the added benefit of delivering results quickly,

“PRIME funding helped offset the cost of taking production and office employees away from their daily jobs to be educated by outside consultants in lean manufacturing and lean office. Since kaizen events were full day (8 hrs.) and one week in length, that was a lot of labor lost that CT was willing to invest in local manufacturing to make it successful.” 

-- Jess Mitchell, Lean Leader



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