Lean Manufacturing

Sixth Floor Consulting can help your organization implement the Toyota Production System. Sixth Floor Consulting Group believes a company must embrace the four pillars of Lean – 5S, 7 wastes, visual workplace, and sustaining lean. Only through continuous improvement can a company prosper and grow.


Lean Systems

Does it do any good to bring lean processes to the shop floor, if the office doesn’t follow? Once lean has been established in the factory, it soon becomes evident that the Accounting and IT systems need to change. In order to properly determine how the lean organization is progressing, new measurements and milestones are needed. Sixth Floor Consulting Group has the expertise to help your support departments also make the move into lean.


Inventory Control

Even the most basic processes need to be reviewed periodically. Sixth Floor Consulting Group has the expertise to help bring your inventory processes under control. Whether this is a simple process review and audit, or setting up a true Cycle Counting process.


Change Management

Change is a constant in today’s business world. Sixth Floor Consulting Group can help your company properly manage change. To make change a positive improvement, instead of a major disruption, requires proper change management. Effective communication and planning for change can turn a change in the business from a disruption that stops the business to a minor hiccup and then the benefits can start accumulating immediately.

Complexity Rationalization

Keeping the solution simple, understandable, and useful for all users, is a keystone in getting the most out of your company’s processes. This is key not just in processes, but also in looking at your product and customer mix. Sixth Floor Consulting Group, has worked with many firms to look at the complexity of their product offerings and customer base to determine if they are truly making money on these “fringe” items.