Wouldn't it be great if the solution to your business problem was available pre-packaged and ready to go, right off the shelf? You know that's not the case, though. When it comes to real solutions, there is no silver bullet – and one size does not fit all. The Sixth Floor Consulting Group offers complete assessment of your business objectives, and our in-depth analysis of your operation allows us to identify and address your opportunities for improvement. We can develop and implement performance measurement systems designed to enable you to see exactly how your operation is performing in key areas. Our value stream and process mapping will help you to plan and manage your manufacturing processes, making the steps clearly visible to all members of your team. Benchmarking is also available, so you can measure your company’s performance in key areas against both your key competitors and the “best-in-class” standards in your industry.


Education & Training

When sound procedures and technology are in place, it is crucial that your staff recognize the importance of adhering to documented processes. The Sixth Floor Consulting Group provides education and training programs for all levels of staff, designed to help you integrate improved processes into your operations and encourage compliance down the road. We will help you harness the “zest factor” involved in achieving tangible positive results in a short period of time, improving morale and enhancing the team dynamic in your business. 


Business Processes

The Sixth Floor Consulting Group has the business knowledge to help you take the next step in creating better business practices. Whether it is improving basic processes like inventory control, or helping move the organization into lean manufacturing, Sixth Floor Consulting Group can do the work. With our experienced staff, the changes can become part of the organization’s culture and not the “management flavor of the month”.


Business Systems

Even the most sophisticated (and perhaps most expensive) software solution will do nothing for you until it is implemented by a knowledgeable and experienced professional. The Sixth Floor Consulting Group will bring an in-depth understanding of your business to the implementation of your application software to ensure that you get the most from your technology investment. They will work with you to develop system specifications to meet your unique business needs, optimizing the functional capabilities of the software.